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Alan Turing Cryptography Competition

There were a lot of teams taking part. A lot. Many were veteran Year 11 teams, who had that slight competitive edge over us.

We year 10 teams didn’t have a chance, right?





These problems were difficult, don’t get me wrong. Just try solve this one, for example. Find the 19th word. If you can do it in under 10 minutes, like a couple of the teams did, you should definitely be doing cryptography!

But don’t feel discouraged if you can’t either. Our team of three took the best part of an hour to complete this one.

And although they were difficult, it was that very thing which spurred us on to push ourselves harder and harder. I can remember hours of pondering in Sutton Library, all of us racking our brains for answers as the problems got harder and harder. But it was all worth it once it all finally clicked and we got the solution.

This is what this competition is all about. The struggle to find the solution, and the relief and happiness once you solve it.

And in the end, our team, along with many others, pulled through, with our team even reaching the top ten and winning £10 each in Amazon vouchers!

by Yuvan Chikka

By the way, the answer to the question above is “Rochdale”.

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