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Covid19 Model - Smaller and quicker file

Several people have started using the model from my last post but others have struggled to download it.

This is always an issue with large Excel files.

I have reduced the size of the saved file by 25% and after zipping the file it is only one quarter of the download size in my last post.

Try this new link to download the new file.

You have to unzip it first and save to your own computer.

Then open it - it will open in Excel and should automatically go straight to the section with all of the controls and the graph of results. When you change variables go to the 'formula' tab/'calculate now' to complete a new experiment. Give it time - there should be a percentage complete figure running in lower scroll bar. When the run finishes it draws the graph last so wait till you see the graph change. This should be about 20 seconds after pressing the calculate now button.

Good luck!

Here are the answers for the two problems from the Robert Recorde post

Problem 1 - The cost of the horse was 34,952li 10s, 7d 1ob a massive sum of money in the 16th Century - about the same as it cost to build Hampton Court Palace! Problem 2 - total number of loads of bricks = 531 441 The first wall used 354 294, the second 118 098, the third 39 366, ..........., the twelfth 2, leaving 1 load left over.

Mr Ironside 22 April 2020

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