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Good bye and thank you, Bismark Assibey

I have known Bismark for many years, I taught him when he was at college studying engineering. I then employed him whilst he was at University to help build the fashion exhibitions I was organising. By coincidence, Ms Andrews also taught him at her previous school, when he was a year eight pupil.

When the school was short of a technician, I knew that Bismark would be a perfect fit. He had all the skills we needed in the department and was able to balance the work with his studies. He was excellent in supporting the Design & Technology team and with it, the students. He helped across the year groups from the delicate electronic soldering with year 7, to the sticky and messy task of applying resin to the bamboo bycicle frames, year 10 were making. Bismark’s calm persona and willingness to help students adhered him to the classes he worked with. His voice was soft but his presence immense, when he spoke, the whole class listened. There were many times after school and throughout the year, that I would find him in the workshops, patiently supporting individual students with their practical work.

It has been a real pleasure to have Bismark as part of my team this year. He is someone whom I would want to work with in the future and I wish him all the best as he moves forward.

-- Thomas Haycocks --

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