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Good Bye Mr O'Dee

Mr O’Dee came to the teaching profession later in life. He taught maths at SGS full time for four years before going part time and is now, finally, retiring.

Mr O’Dee has been a brilliant colleague, always good humoured, cheerful, and well liked by students and staff alike. In the past, he has helped us with running chess club and driving the minibus. Some colleagues also benefitted from his Wimbledon FC connections as Mr O’Dee was their source of tickets for Sutton United's FA Cup run. Who would have thought that the real Father Christmas was a Wimbledon fan?

When Mr O’Dee was 9 Red’s form tutor in his first year, Red House won Sports Day and when he was 8 Red’s form tutor the following year, they raised over £300 for charity. It is clear that despite being yellow and blue at heart, he will always have a soft spot for the colour red.

Mr O’Dee will miss most that light bulb moment when a student "gets it", the camaraderie of the staff room and, of course, the 6-week summer holiday. Given restrictions are lifted soon, Mr O’Dee will travel the country by bus at no cost and stay in fine pubs by using his Freedom Pass, starting with Sutton to the Lake District. He also fully intends to take a couple of flying lessons to try and fulfil a boyhood dream.

Although we all wish him a long and enjoyable retirement, we can’t help but feel rather sad about saying goodbye to a wonderfully dedicated, one-of-a-kind teacher.

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