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Quarantine Couplets - The Full Version

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Quarantine Couplets - Elliot Kelly

If I’m honest, sir, I’ve got quarantine blues

For the past four weeks it’s been slippers, not shoes

I go to bed at seven, and wake up at six

And so nowadays my dinner is just Weetabix

I haven’t played b-ball, or been for a run,

I haven’t gotten my vitamin D from the sun,

When it comes to Netflix, I think I’ve completed it

And on PS4 I’ve defeated the strangers I’ve competed with

But still in my heart, something is missing

And that’s not just because around midnight my stomach starts hissing

Or because the drama department is taking the … Biscuit

Setting us the same essays about “Accidental Death of an Anarchist”

No, I think it’s more than just missing school,

Or seeing people, or fast food - o! How I drool,

For a Greggs Chicken Bake or a Subway footlong,

Or a McDonald’s milkshake or a burger that bests any filet mignon

I’m getting off track, but though for these things I long

Something inside me is sitting all wrong

And I’ve enjoyed the time off, and the chance to write songs

But there’s a little thing sitting on the end of my tongue…

I miss the freedom,

the freshness of air

I’d even put on my lanyard, if it took me back there.

With apologies to Elliot whose fine end to an excellent poem was cropped due to my IT ineptitude.

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