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Strange Brew - a fillip from the inimitable Mr Gunning

Mr Gunning's files take up half the server space on the SGS servers! He's sent me links to YouTube clips to entertain and inspire. Enjoy:


Tachibana High School Band, Kyoto – Sing Sing Sing (3’22’’)

Stunning playing and choreography from this female orchestra

Simon Bolivar Orchestra at the Proms, 2007 (3’)

The System educational programme in Venezuela trained the poorest students in society, whose performance in the Royal Albert Hall Proms. concert raised the roof (start 3’56’’)

Dragon’s Den

Levi Roots (10’)

How honest presentation and diligence can achieve success

likewise …

Gold Genie (4’)

Wall threading device (15’)

Flawless presentation, innovation and research lead to success


Miracle on the Hudson (50’)

Captain Sullenberger’s experience and quick thinking saves 154 lives. (bleeped swearing at one point)

Mayday – the man who landed a Cessna (50’)

A calm team help a non-pilot to land a plane

Dude be nice – Officer Mitch (6’)

A school celebrates their inspirational police officer.

An article:

Heart Surgeons improve their performance thanks to … Formula 1

A fine example of lateral thinking

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