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Strange Brew II - another delve into the archives of the irrepressible Mr Gunning

Another delve into the archives of the irrepressible Mr Gunning...

Chess: explanation of a Bobby Fischer match (25’); captivating

Travel: The Russian enclave of Kalinigrad (ex. Koenigsberg), by drone (2’)

Public speaking: The Jack Petchey award – a charismatic performance by Najae Hackett (4’)

Cricket: Six sixes for Gary Sobers – poor Malcolm Nash (3’)

Just a Minute (30’) – how to avoid hesitation, deviation or repetition …

Politics – and comedy: Jeremy Paxman interviews an evasive Michael Howard – and asks him the same question 14 times… (8’, start 3’45’’)

Comedy: U.K. Candid Camera Classics – ‘Wrong floor again’ (8’). Late ‘60s comedy – remember: the ‘lift’ never leaves the ground floor …

Buster Keaton – One Week (1920, excerpt 3’). No special effects, just an astonishing comedian-acrobat in action…

Jason and the Argonauts – (1963, 5’). The Skeleton Fight. Stop-motion animation genius, courtesy of Ray Harryhausen – whole film available on youtube

Self-playing musical instrument: – the 1908 Hupfeld violin world wonder. (3’)

German singalong – annoy your folks!

Thueringer Klosse – Fritz (4’)

One to Youtube: Undercover Boss – Cinnabon S4 EP3 (45’)

A boss wishes to experience the ground-floor realities of her company; check out Miguel at 26’20’’ – a stunning motivator…

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