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Strange Brew III - more marvellous miscellany from Mr Gunning

More marvellous miscellany from Mr Gunning...

Laurel and Hardy – Busybodies (1931, 19’). Timeless humour…

Sherlock Holmes – the Jeremy Brett series (Granada 1984-94) was superb – try: A Scandal in Bohemia, 55’)

Singalong classic: The Sound of Music – Do-re-mi… (1965, 3’)

4-minute train trip London-Brighton 1953 (5’)

Ice dancing: Torville and Deane (5’31’’). The World Championships Barnum routine from 1983 – pure genius. Note Harry Carpenter at 4’18’’…

Essay: George Orwell – despite everything, nature will flourish … (1946)

Comedy gold: Interviewer Paxman is ordered to provide weather forecasts – he grudgingly obliges … (1’15’’)

Song cover: Stuck overnight at Las Vegas airport, middle-aged businessman Richard Dunn makes a Celine Dion cover just using his mobile - he got to meet her later! (5’)

Casablanca finale (1942, 2’29’’. Here’s looking at you, kid; a clip from this (the?) Top 10 Film…; part of the MOVIE clip series…

Ray Harryhausen – monsters from the king of 50s/60s stop-motion animation. (4’40’’)

Quiz question – the opening of ‘A Touch of Evil’ – what makes it unforgettable? (google the answer later… (4’)

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