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Strange Brew IV - ideas and distractions from the effervescent Mr Gunning (bumper edition)

Ideas and distractions from the effervescent Mr Gunning...

Top half: being at home ideas; Bottom half: Hopefully interesting stuff

FILM: Create a stop-motion film (7’)

Science: Quiz site, offering lots of topic areas

Engineering: another quiz site

Music: Lockdown French National Orchestra plays Bolero (5’) – could you and your friends be doing this?

Music: Chopin haunting 24th prelude NOTES on-screen; try to follow this language, even if you don’t play an instrument …

Music: Family karaoke – Sound of Music – Do Re Mi…

Chess: interactive chess site - one of many

Starting a stamp (coin?) collection – every piece teaches you so much about the world …

15-year-old designs £1 coin – site also offers quizzes

Books: Top 100 world authors:

Bottom half: Hopefully interesting stuff


Classic comedy: Fawlty Towers – Hotel owner Basil talk to Mrs. Richards (3’)

German silent film: Metropolis (1926) Edited robot scene (4’, start at 2’13’’) – high quality full version also online (2’28’44)

Sport: Speed skating. Astonishing race from 2002 Olympics (3’)

Film: Hitchcock’s Notorious (1946) – gripping frame-for-frame finale (3’)

Can Cary Grant save Ingrid Bergman? You guess …

Music video of Georgia – memorable soundtrack (4’)

Stunning Hindu temple at Neasden – check out its construction history (3’)

Swiss yodelling: enjoy this family group surrounded by nature (3’)

Tap dance: Astaire and Rita Hayworth – The Shorty George (1943, 4’) – foot-tappingly catchy…

The nocturnal Evening Primrose opens in real time (2’)

Classic comedy magic: Tommy Cooper (1977, 6’)

Weird historic international borders: Dutch/ German border – one video of many (7’)

Travel video: Fans visit Star Wars site in Tunisia (9’)

AUDIO: The greatest broadcaster in action – 59 years of Letter from America

Alistair Cooke on Bobby Kennedy’s Assassination – unforgettable

(requires sign-in, otherwise youtube Crosby/ Marx available


The Rosetta stone – how the Egyptian hieroglyphics were deciphered

The Amber Room mystery – where did it go in World War 2?

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