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Summer Holiday Reading Challenge

The final edition of the library blog for this term is now online. The main feature is a reading challenge for y7/8/9 during the summer holidays using Sora, to read or listen to at least 3 books all by different authors. Then write a short (300-500 words) review of one of the 3 books with your recommendation as to why someone in your peer group would also enjoy reading it. You can illustrate your review if you wish. One review will win an Amazon voucher.

We have also extended the closing date of the photography competition to 5th September to give you more opportunity over the summer. As a reminder, the challenge was to find the most unusual but SAFE place to read a book and to email me a photograph of you reading.

This edition also includes a musical themed round-up to tie in with this week's fantastic virtual summer concert, a book recommendation from Mr Cloves, a selection of creative competitions, news on the Telegraph Sports Book Awards and Art Week.

And I would appreciate feedback on what you think of the Library Blog. Are you enjoying the content? Please comment below or email me your suggestions for what else you would like to see featured on the Library blog next term.

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