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The Lockdown Lifestyle™ - Alex Jones 11L

Undoubtedly being cooped up with nothing but your own thoughts and a magical light box acting as a digital portal to your friends is a sure-fire way to breech the boundary of insanity. Despite this, I honestly believe being left to your own devices for such an extended time brings out the “true you”.

Now this might be a worrying thought for some of you people, with a dramatic increase of irritability and moodiness affecting your day to day interactions between people in your household, however in my case, it’s made me much happier. I even realised the futility of having a large following of anonymous strangers on social media. I know - a teenage kid disassociating from Instagram and similar apps: unheard of. This of course led to me dramatically downsizing my accounts, which may have been a more complex operation than those we are forced to study by our beloved business studies teacher.

On that note, Mr Denton, I beg of you: please stop setting us case studies while we are trying to figure out the boundary between real life and dreams.

Personally, I seem to feel like there is no need for a rigid sleep schedule; after all, what’s the point of being awake for sunlight? It’s not like we can go outside to appreciate it anyway. This has resulted in a much more creative workflow in my case, being able to run to record a musical idea, take an interesting photo or paint a new image as soon as the thought comes to mind makes things much easier. There is, of course, a trade off. My academic ability is deteriorating. I think the number of red lines appearing under key stage 2 words as I type displays the true suffering of my language abilities, even though I’m forced to read words more than ever in order to communicate with my friends via text. I guess I’ll just shift the blame to them and their atrocious linguistic skills and give myself the benefit of the doubt.

Possibly the most depressing thing I’ve done this lockdown is spend time creating Spotify® playlists for social events that may never happen. But it’s ok, the playlists still bang. Anticipation for that first event, whatever it ends up being, keeps me in line whenever my energy levels fall below the safe threshold.

If I’m being real, the most beautiful sight I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in this time has been the complete unity of everyone in the school group chats. Everyone, and I mean everyone, agreeing how ‘peak’ being set homework is while in isolation was incredible. The heated one-way discussions really made you feel like you were a part of a huge movement, a useless one since no teachers could actually see our arguments, but a huge one nevertheless. Multiple subjects, across multiple group chats, across multiple apps all standing together.

Teachers, I’m sorry to say that even your most loyal students are a part of this union.

In conclusion, my Lockdown Lifestyle™ has been generally calm, autonomous and restful. I sincerely hope yours is just as enjoyable and you aren’t being ‘that guy’ stepping outside to meet friends.

Bless up.

Alex Jones 11L

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