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Victory - Chris wins 'Speak Out Challenge 2020'

This year's Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge took place at the end of March and since then events have overtaken us. So it gives me great pleasure to report that Christopher Payne (10G) won the borough's competition for Sutton Grammar.

Sutton's Speak Out is always keenly fought and the standards are very high. His controversial topic 'The benefits of Climate Change' was a hard sell and he did it with wit and aplomb.

Here's the winning speech (3 mins):

And a short report in Chris' own words:

"I found out I would be participating in the regional final of Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge 2020 the day before the event took place. Having come second in the assembly round, I was told I was not participating, until the Sunday before that was! Other people had dropped out and so I had been drafted in to participate at Glenthorne school. I was delighted to have the opportunity to represent the school and chose the controversial subject matter of “The benefits of climate change”. I was completely shocked when my name was called for 1st place but also very thankful for my opportunity to take part."

Well done Chris!

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